16 Things Not To Do When Attending a Wedding as a Plus One

1 十月

good in wedding

New York Cliché

I was a plus one at a wedding this past weekend. Let me impart the wisdom of what I learned NOT to do if you want to be a good wedding date!

1. Over pack

Keep it to one carry-on if at all possible.

2. Wait until you’re on the plane to reveal your fear of flying


3. Dress inappropriately

serena-williams-swim suit
Unless you’re Serena Williams and you’re crashing a beach wedding.

4. Be clingy

“No! Please! Don’t leave me alone for one second!!!"

5. Live tweet 

livetweetinggif You don’t want to be the girl on her phone the whole night.

6. Gossip about bridal party fashion choices

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all (unless your date brings it up first).

7. Wax poetically about your dream wedding

Keep that shit between you, your bffs, & Pinterest.

8. Flirt with groomsmen

flirtgif Rude.

9. Rigidly adhere to an obnoxiously restrictive, voluntary diet

cleansegif Unless…

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